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Monroe Nazarene Church

Monroe Nazarene Church is revamping their site completely. In order to better reach their community, they are asking for a stronger social site that brings visitors back, and encourages them to become a part of the commnuity.

Media: Web Development
Dimension: Formatted for 1024x768

Portfolio Portfolio

  • Good Life Campaign
    Media: Website
    Size: 800x600
  • Amber Garden Ministries
    Media: Identity
    Size: Various
  • Monroe Nazarene Church
    Media: Website
    Size: 1024x768
  • Interrupt
    Media: Website/Flash
    Size: 800x600
  • LaRoy's Hall
    Media: Website
    Size: 800x600
  • Halftime Heroes
    Media: Website/Flash
    Size: 625x425

muse Muse

Users Don’t Care, At First

There is a constant struggle in my mind between form and function. Being design is always at my the forefront of my thought process, I get frustrated very quickly when a process is not optimized and does not flow in a user friendly way. I am not sure this holds true however for the general […]

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I am an Interactive/Graphic Designer out of Monroe, MI. I currently work for the Hanson Inc. and do a lot of freelance work in Graphic, Web, and Interactive Design.