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Users Don’t Care, At First Jun 11th, 2009

There is a constant struggle in my mind between form and function. Being design is always at my the forefront of my thought process, I get frustrated very quickly when a process is not optimized and does not flow in a user friendly way. I am not sure this holds true however for the general […]

Drup or not to Drup(al) Apr 10th, 2009

While the simplicity of WordPress has always appealed to me, sometimes it is not robust enough for a community minded experience. If you are looking into building a community with many users, you have to take a look at something that is geared more towards a social environment. In order to handle many users, you […]

Mocha Mocha Feb 15th, 2008

Americans love coffee. Could this be the reason the cup-o-coffee is such a common design element? While scanning through sites, I have come across hot beverages as design elements, all to often. While this may be fitting for sites like Tazo, what is the importance for design firm sites, or other genres that have nothing […]

Letter Clutter Aug 21st, 2007

It seems I have been concentrating a lot on how to create a composition without using pictures. I find myself exploring new ways of creating texture, patterns, rhythm, and shape without placing that stock photo in from iStockPhoto. All of use have created a self portrait composed only of typographic characters. After perusing graphic design […]

AChangeInValue Aug 2nd, 2007

The French philosopher Jacques Derrida wrote that type cannot function without silent marks and spaces. In digital design it is very important to watch every letter put on the screen just as it is in print. There are many rules and guidelines to follow when working with text to optimize readability. I ask why then […]